Amico Roma Puppies is a premier breeder of Lagotto Romagnolo (also known as the Italian water dog and truffle dog). It is family-owned and operated, and is located in northwest Oregon just outside of Portland. All of the Lagotto Romagnolo in Amico Roma Puppies’ breeding program are from Italy and have a range of pedigrees, which includes AKC, ENCI, NAPR and APRI.

How it Started

Carly and Kevin were in the wine country of Oregon when they first saw a Lagotto Romagnolo. Neither one had ever heard nor seen a Lagotto before then and fell head over heels in love with the breed. Two months later, they were on their way to Italy to meet and pick up the newest member of their family. It was love at first sight. Their love affair for the Lagotto was born and in 2015, Amico (“Friend”) Roma (“Rome”) Puppies was established.

Since then, Carly and Kevin have added three kids and four more Lagotti to their family. Together, they all enjoy the busy farm life and take pride in breeding quality Lagotto puppies. Life is wonderful when you have your family and Lagotti always by your side.

Amico Farms

Amico Roma Puppies is nestled on 37 acres of farmland backed by private forest. Vineyards and beautiful rolling hills surround the property and offer scenic PNW views. On the farm, you’ll be greeted by horses, chickens, and the family Lagotti. Often, there are visiting Lagotti of friends and relatives that are a part of the breeding program. If you have plans on sticking around for a weekend getaway, you can rent out the yurt or cabin that’s available on the property and enjoy all that country living has to offer.

Proven Truffle Hunters

Carly and Kevin are avid truffle hunters and hunt Oregon’s native truffles regularly with their three trained Lagotti. Lea, Ava, and Stitch are all trained truffle hunting dogs with proven track records. They are always happy to show Lagotto in training the ropes.

During Oregon’s peak truffle seasons, Carly and Kevin offer anyone who’s interested in truffle hunting a unique truffle hunting experience.