The health and wellness of every Lagotto is so important to us. We take serious measures in our breeding standards to ensure that every one of our Lagotto puppies is healthy and free of genetically acquired diseases. At Amico Roma Puppies, we firmly believe that quality is much more important than quantity and will never overbreed our Lagotto.

Breeding Lagotto of every coat color combination. Three Lagotto Romagnolo dogs standing together in front of a private pond. One cream and apricot coat, one brown coat, and one white coat.
Three Lagotto Romagnolo dogs hanging out by the pond on Amico Farms. Thinking about jumping in for a swim.

Breeding Quarters

Since 2015, we have been breeding Lagotto Romagnolo on our 37 acres farm located in Oregon’s Yamhill County. With that much acreage, our Lagotti are able to roam freely and receive ample exercise. We have three young kids, five Lagotti, a cat, and several farm animals. When we are not tending to a litter of puppies, we are outside with our kids and dogs doing renovations. There is a cabin and yurt on the property, which we frequently rent out to vacationers who want to explore the beauty of the PNW. We host a series of guided truffle hunting experiences on and around the property during Oregon’s truffle seasons. With so much happening on the farm, you can imagine how well-rounded and socialized our Lagotti are.

Breeding AKC and NAPR Lagotto puppies. Five white and brown Lagotto puppies nursing with the Dam.
Five white and brown Lagotto puppies sleeping with the dam.

Breeding Standards

In addition to our five Lagotti, are six Lagotti in guardian homes with friends and family. All 11 Lagotti in our breeding program are from Italy and have a range of pedigrees, which includes AKC, ENCI, NAPR and APRI. Each puppy will be AKC and NAPR registered. Their registration papers will go home with you when you pick up your Lagotto.

The overall health and wellness of every Lagotto dog and puppy in our breeding program is of the utmost importance. Therefore, puppy litters may be infrequent so as to avoid overbreeding. Time off will allow the dam to heal and rest between litters. Genetic testing is done on all of our dogs to ensure none of the puppies will acquire any inherited diseases.

Breeding of ten Lagotto puppies eating in together in a circle, crowding one another in the grass.
Ten Lagotto puppies crowded together around their food bowl.

Health Guarantee

Every one of Amico Roma’s puppies includes a Health Guarantee and are specifically tested for genetically acquired diseases. This includes Lagotto storage disease (LSD) and juvenile epilepsy (JE), as well as hundreds of other genetic conditions administered by Optimal Selection. You will be provided with copies of your Lagotto’s test results for your review and Lagotto’s medical records.

Before you bring your Lagotto puppy home, it will first undergo a health check by a veterinarian. During which time it will have a thorough exam, be dewormed 2-3 times, receive its first round of DHLPP vaccinations, and be microchipped. You will receive all documents to bring home with you at the time you pick up your Lagotto puppy.

Roan coat Lagotto puppy is introduced to a mule on the Amico Roma Farms. Breeding them to be well socialized at an early age.
Lagotto puppy is introduced to a mule on Amico Farms.

Early Socialization

All of Amico Roma’s puppies are assured to be well cared for and socialized from birth. It is crucial for puppies to be exposed to various stimuli to ensure a smooth and easy transition into their new homes. With us being home often with our children, having several farm animals, and hosting frequent visitors, our puppies are sure to be well-adapted.

Once you are ready to add a Lagotto to your family, you will be able to choose your own puppy from an available litter, based on when your deposit is received. We will provide you with all of the information necessary to help you make a good decision.